Bute’s beauty featured on world travel website

Bute is described on the See Before You Die website as

Bute is described on the See Before You Die website as "overlooked by tourists to Scotland...untouched by modern developments". This picture shows the spectacular view over Scalpsie Bay towards Arran in the distance.


Bute’s hidden treasures have put the island shoulder-to-shoulder with Sydney, Antigua and the Great Wall of China on the ‘See Before You Die’ travel website.

The island’s entry states: “Overlooked by tourists to Scotland, the Isle of Bute remains untouched by modern developments.

“Castles and prehistoric settlements; empty beaches and standing stones; historic Mount Stuart House and a real Russian tavern; wild deer and seals; Highlands and forest; golf and fishing; birding and horse-riding; stunning scenery.”

The See Before You Die site states that is not a commercial operation, and that “this virtual community’s only intention is to share information about the most exciting places in the world”.

“We are not a commercial site,” the ‘About’ section of the page continues, “so your contribution is essential for us.”




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