VIDEO: Rothesay Primary holds P7 speech competition

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Games, holidays, cats and dogs and even life in space...those were just some of the subjects covered at Rothesay Primary School’s annual P7 speech competition on Thursday evening.

Ten pupils stepped into the spotlight for what, in most cases, was their first ever experience of speaking in public, with Rothesay Academy teacher Louise Nicol and local Rotary Club member Donald Kinnear handed the difficult job of choosing the best.

And while some of the subjects the pupils spoke about may have flown over the heads of older members of the audience - speeches on Pixel Gun 3D, Skylanders and Minecraft, all of them hugely popular games with young people in and around the P7 age group, left our man more than a bit flummoxed - the subject is less important when speaking in public than things like the tone and speed of your voice and how well you make eye contact with your audience.

The two judges chose Aidan McGhie, who spoke about Living In Space, as this year’s competition winner (our video shows a short extract from Aidan’s speech), with Connor Aksu on Skylanders and Jonah Templeton on Spain selected as the runners-up - but all the entrants received certificates and some helpful advice on the art of speaking in public.




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