Mount Stuart celebrates Scottish Rhododendron Festival

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Help Mount Stuart celebrate the Scottish Rhododendron Festival later this month.

Living Collections manager, Graham Alcorn, will be on hand to help visitors discover the estate’s record breaking rhododendron collection.

When it hits its peak from April to late-May, hundreds of rhododendrons including magnolias, camellias and various bulbs will be flowering across the 300 acre gardens.

Over the past 300 years many varieties have been planted including a large specimen of Rhododendron arboreum ssp albotomentosum that is an exquisite plant with white backed dark green leaves which shows off its beautiful red flowers produced from March to May.

Rhododendron arboreum (next to the main lawn) is the largest girthed specimen in the country and dates back to 1863.

The largest specimen of Rhododendron falconeri in the British Isles will be in full flower in April.

Rounding off the season in late May will be the beautiful scented white and pale pink blooms of rhododendron decorum.

The Scottish Rhododendron Festival runs until May 31, comprising more than 50 events across Scotland as gardens, estates and woodlands open to showcase their displays.

Returning for its fifth year, the annual festival is organised by Discover Scottish Gardens and supported by VisitScotland.

It aims to encourage local audiences and tourists to enjoy the wonders of Scottish gardens during the rhododendron flowering period and highlight the diversity of collections that can be found in Scotland

The tours are one hour long from 2-3pm, and start at the Rock Garden and end at the House.

The event costs £5 for tour only or you can upgrade a standard H&G ticket for £15. Call 01700 503 877 or email to book.