All aboard on Bute! – Travelling Gallery comes to town

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This week, in Rothesay and Port Bannatyne, a new free contemporary art exhibition opens its doors.

In ‘Displaced’, school children, young people, locals and visitors can see how five contemporary artists from across the world are responding to current global migrations and the refugee crisis.

This powerful exhibition explores and illustrates the many different stories about just what it means to be ‘displaced’ from your own home and country. However, this isn’t any ordinary art exhibition. It takes place in a double decker bus!

Displaced – ‘Force (someone)to leave their home, typically because of war, persecution, or natural disaster. ‘thousands of people have been displaced by the civil war’

Supported by Creative Scotland and Edinburgh City Council, the Travelling Gallery aims to bring contemporary art to communities throughout Scotland. This year as part of the Pavilion’s Heritage Activity programme linked to the restoration of the Pavilion, the team led by local Heritage Engagement Officer Iseult Timmermans, have brought the Travelling Gallery to show innovative arts practice that’s representative of the international art scene, and provide a fun platform to work with schools and young people.

The exhibition displays work by artists who live and work all over the world: Halil Altindere; Brendon Bannon; Broomberg and Chanarin; Elizabeth Kwant and includes, film, photography and print making.

Each of the artists and creatives in Displaced started their projects working alongside Aid organisations. They listened to the stories of migrants to understand their struggles and journeys of survival, and to shine a light on the topical situation in Europe and what’s happening in our own country now. The topic has a special relevance in the local community, as Bute was one of the first to welcome Syrian families as part of the Scottish Governments commitment through the Syrian vulnerable person resettlement programme that began in 2015.

This Thursday (May 9) with the support of Head teachers, Maria Seery and Elisabeth Santos, pupils of St Andrews and North Bute primary will have the chance to visit and take part when the school bus rolls up to their gate. It’s an opportunity that can have a big impact, as other colleagues across Scotland can testify.

“…Travelling Gallery has reached hundreds of young people here who just wouldn’t have had that kind of experience otherwise; learning outside of the classroom, giving young people and extraordinary experience of something creative. It makes them think differently. For such a huge number I think the impact is enormous.” Ruth MacCormack, secondary school teacher, Glasgow.

Members of the public can catch the bus on:

Thursday May 9 from 3pm - 6pm in Port Bannatyne (by North Bute Primary)

Saturday, May 11 from 10am - 4pm in Guildford Square, Rothesay

Admission is free - All welcome.