Rothesay ready to welcome Orkestra del Sol to Pavilion

Orkestra del Sol will be headlining at the Pavilion's Closing Weekend Festival.
Orkestra del Sol will be headlining at the Pavilion's Closing Weekend Festival.

The musical director of the ten-piece ensemble headlining this Saturday night’s gig at the Rothesay Pavilion’s Closing Weekend Festival says the group is eagerly looking forward to its Bute debut.

Marcus Britton is part of Orkestra del Sol, whose combination of musical flavours from around the world, mixed with a firm emphasis on entertainment and fun, has made them a big favourite wherever they’ve played in Scotland and beyond.

“We’ve had some incredible feedback from audiences over the years – an elderly couple were dancing to one of our street gigs and the lady came up to us afterwards with tears in her eyes and said she hadn’t danced with her husband for 40 years!

“One guy emailed us to say: ‘I’d been feeling rather low for a while and last Thursday’s gig was the perfect antidote. You should be available on the NHS. Healthier than Prozac and considerably more effective.’

I truly believe that music can change people’s lives, and its comments like these that re-affirm that, and keep us doing what we do despite the changing political landscape which makes it increasing difficult to keep a ten-piece on the road.

“I’ve only been to Bute once before, and never to the Pavilion. We’re always in favour of regeneration projects such as these where the old architecture is preserved and the building is put to good contemporary use.

“It is a stunning building and we’re really looking forward to playing there on Saturday.”

For more on Orkestra del Sol, check out the September 25 issue of The Buteman - on sale now. And we’ll see you - and them - at the Pavilion on Saturday night!

* Meanwhile, as part of a busy weekend of closiong activities at the Pavilion a wide range of community groups will be on hand to explain what they do - and how their activities will change as a result of the Pavilion’s closure - at a ‘community fair’ in the building from 11am to 2pm on Saturday.