Bute Noir presents... Myra Duffy

Print Point's Karen Latto with author Myra Duffy at a book signing in the island book shop.
Print Point's Karen Latto with author Myra Duffy at a book signing in the island book shop.

One author booked for next month’s Bute Noir: Crime Writing Festival knows the island very well. Indeed, Bute is very much a large part of her ‘cozy crime’ tales.

Myra Duffy is the author behind a crime series set on Bute following protagonist Alison Cameron. There are six novels (so far!) in the series, including “The House at Ettrick Bay”, “Last Dance at the Rothesay Pavilion”, and “Last Ferry to Bute”.

Myra says: “My early writing was influenced by a love of Enid Blyton. I still have my first attempt, Jewels in the Snow, written when I was about ten years old.

“When I was thirteen I won a national competition organised by a popular Scottish Sunday newspaper. It was the era of the space race and the Russians had stolen a march on the Americans by launching Sputnik with a dog on board. Readers were invited to send in their thoughts on this great achievement. The prize for the best entry was a black poodle, something which would certainly not be allowed nowadays!”

“I continued writing and having stories and poems published during my schooldays. Fiction writing became less important as university and then a career in education demanded more in the way of non-fiction writing but recently I have been able to return to my first love – fiction.”

Myra lives in Glasgow and draws her inspiration for her Bute novels from frequent visits to the island of Bute, where she and her husband have family connections stretching back several generations.

To find out where Myra will be appearing at this year’s Bute Noir, click here. Tickets for all events cost just £3.50 each, (subject to availability), and can be purchased in advance from any of the three venues, or by emailing butenoir@hotmail.com.

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