Bute couple’s grandaughter stars in BBC kids’ series

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If you’re a fan of the Nina and the Neurons science series on the BBC’s children’s channel CBeebies, you might want to look out for the Bute connection in the latest episode.

Appearing today (Thursday, September 26) at 4.30pm, alongside Katrina Bryan, who plays Nina, is five-year-old Evie Paterson, whose mum Stephanie was brought up on Bute and whose grandparents, Elma and Gerry Fisher, still live on the island.

Evie was chosen to take part in the show after a team of BBC talent scouts visited her nursery, the Isobel Mair Family Centre in Newton Mearns, earlier this year.

“Evie was given camera trials,” Stephanie said, “and we found out the following Friday that she’d been chosen to take part.

“The programme normally films in Glasgow, but they asked if we all had our passports - because they wanted to take Evie to film in Belgium at the European Space Centre.”

The filming in Belgium lasted for five days from Wednesday, July 17, and Evie was accompanied on the trip by her mum, dad Alan and brothers Archie and Sandy - as well as by another budding star from the same nursery, Flynn Menzies, and his family.

But it didn’t end there. “Evie also did some studio filming in Glasgow,” Stephanie continued, “and met a real life astronaut, Richard Hieb, who has since sent over some signed pictures saying how nice it was to meet her.”

If you missed Thursday’s broadcast but would still like to see Evie’s small screen debut, don’t worry - you can watch the episode on the BBC iPlayer until December 6 by clicking here.