Bewes brings Dylan Thomas to life on Rothesay stage

Rodney Bewes brought 'A Boy Growing Up' to Rothesay Pavilion.
Rodney Bewes brought 'A Boy Growing Up' to Rothesay Pavilion.
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The works of Welsh poet, playwright and author Dylan Thomas came to life on the Rothesay Pavilion stage this week courtesy of Rodney Bewes, one half of the TV sitcom duo The Likely Lads.

Bewes has changed a bit since his small screen days in the sixties and seventies, but his passion for performing on stage shone throughout his performance of A Boy Growing Up, a collection of eight readings from works written by Thomas during his early years.

And while the show’s Rothesay audience may have been disappointingly small - perhaps a reflection of the slightly esoteric nature of the show, but more likely because it took place on a bleak, cold and windy night - those who did attend were treated to eight real treats from four of Thomas’s early works - Quite Early One Morning, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Dog, Adventures in the Skin Trade and A Prospect of the Sea.

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