Wintry weather wreaks havoc for Rothesay golfers

The clubhouse at Rothesay Golf Club.
The clubhouse at Rothesay Golf Club.

Due to the weather on Saturday there was no play in the Three in One Winter League singles at Rothesay - and though the forecast for Sunday was a little better, the strong wind and occasional wintry shower made scoring in that day’s pairs very tough.

The top score, and the lowest winning score this year, of 39, was scored by three pairings, with Hughie and Craig Charker coming out on top in the count back, scoring the best back nine score of 20 points, with Gordon Shaw and Willie Glen second and Stuart Strathie and Allan Laughlan third.

Only one two was scored at one of the three nominated par threes - it was returned by Jimmy Crawford and Gary Steele at the eighth hole, which means that next week the twos pot will be up for grabs at the fourth, 11th and 18th.

The low scoring meant there were no significant changes to the overall leaderboard, although Hughie and Craig Charker did improve their overall total by one point which gives them a five-point lead with only three weeks left to play.