Winter League at Rothesay Golf Club

The clubhouse at Rothesay Golf Club.
The clubhouse at Rothesay Golf Club.

With no play in the Saturday singles league at Rothesay Golf Club it looked like the weather was going to win again this weekend but a break in the rain on Sunday made play possible, if not very wet underfoot.

For the second week in a row there was a pair winning for the first time this year with Bobby Liddell and Ron Cuthbertson winning with their best score this year of 45 points - 22 points scored on the out nine and 23 on the back nine.

Runners-up were Jimmy Crawford and Gary Steele, securing second place on the count back after they and Neil Ritchie and John Duncan had scored 43 points. Although beaten on the count back, John and Neil did have the compensation of being one of two pairs to score a two at the rollover 8th hole the other was Hughie Charker playing with brother Craig.

Next week’s twos will be at the rollover 4th and 11th.

The overall placing have changed with Jimmy and Gary scoring their eighth score with them now leading with a score of 335 (39) followed by I.Cowie & M.Murty on 326 (34), W.Glen & G.Shaw 323 (37), J.Ewing & B.McKechnie 322 (35), H. & C. Charker 321 (38), B.Liddell & R.Cuthbertson 312 (32) D.Leonard & N.Simmons 310 (37).

There are still a few pairs to score their eight counting scores so the leaderboard will no doubt change dramatically over the final seven weeks that are left in this year’s winter league.