Tight margins decide quarter finals at Port Bannatyne

Captain Hector Whitelaw and Super-Sub Colin Renfrew
Captain Hector Whitelaw and Super-Sub Colin Renfrew

Sunday’s final matches in the league sections of Port Bannatyne Motor Services Winter League were skewed somewhat by an overnight malaise in the Dunn household, which resulted in some players left single handed and walk-overs for others.

At the end of the day, Match Secretary, Donald Standaloft, had some head-scratching to do before being able to determine the quarter finalists.

This was particularly the case in League B, with three teams on 11 points for the final qualifying spot.

They could not be divided on the basis of their head-to-head results as each had won one each.

It was only after scrutinising the margins of victory that Donald announced that.

On that basis, Graham Dunn, absent on the day, and Francois Lintermans would go forward to the quarter finals, leaving Gordie McIntyre and Jim Thom and Ryan and Jordan Leitch, left to scrap for the minor placings.

Central to McIntyre and Thom’s demise was super- sub Colin Renfrew who partnered Captain Hector Whitelaw in defeating them 4&3.

This was Colin’s fourth appearance as a sub over the winter, boasting a 100% record and thereby repeating a similar record last season. His rates are so reasonable too.

Week 7 results:

Jamieson/Black by MacPhail/Barnett 5&4, Standaloft/Kilpatrick bt R & M Leitch 7&6, R & J Leitch bt Lintermans/Dunn 4&3, Marshall?Dunn bt M & S Dunn 5&4, Whitelaw/Renfrew bt Thom&McIntyre 4&3.

Final League positions:

League A: 1. Crichton & Greenshields 3 , 2. Manvell & Ivory 11, 3. Marshall & Dunn 10, 4 Standaloft & Kilpatrick 10, 5 R & M Leitch 9 , 6 M & S Dunn 6. League B : 1 Whitelaw & Stewart 16, 2. Black & Jamieson 13 , 3 Whitelaw & McKirdy 12, 4 Dunn & Lintermans 11 *, 5 Thom & McIntyre 11, 6. R & J Leitch 11, 7 MacPhail & Barnett 6. *Dunn & Lintermans go through on more holes won.

Quarter-final draw (Sunday, February 17): 8.30 Crichton/Greenshields v Dunn/Lintermans, 8.40 Whitelaw/Stewart v Standaloft/Kilpatrick, 8.50 Manvell/Ivory v Whitelaw/McKirdy, 9.00 Black/Jamieson v Marshall Dunn, 9.10 R & M Leitch v MacPhail/Barnett, 9.20 Thom/McIntyre v McArthur/Standaloft, 9.30 M & S Dunn v R & J Leitch.