Shinty: Bute seniors set for new fixture list

Bute and Glenorchy in action in a National Division clash in Rothesay in April 2014, when the Dalmally side won 2-0.
Bute and Glenorchy in action in a National Division clash in Rothesay in April 2014, when the Dalmally side won 2-0.

Less than two weeks after it was published, the new season’s league fixture list for Bute Shinty Club’s first team will have to be revised.

The move is the result of a decision by Glenorchy to withdraw from the Marine Harvest National Division, where the Dalmally club’s first team was due to play in 2015.

They will instead be accommodated in South Division One - the same division as the Bute first team.

The Camanachd Association issued the following statement on Monday night.

“Glenorchy Camanachd wrote to the Camanachd Association at the weekend (Sunday 22 Feb) to confirm that, with regret, they have decided to withdraw their 1st team from the 2015 Marine Harvest National Division.

“The Camanachd Association has today (Monday 23 Feb) explored the possibility of a further team being promoted from either South or North Division 1 to replace Glenorchy but this has not proved successful.

“In the circumstances there seems no option other than for the National Division to progress as scheduled with the seven remaining teams and no fixture for the team scheduled to play Glenorchy.

“We recognise the disappointment for the teams competing in the National Division and will seek to convene a meeting at the earliest opportunity this week with representatives of the National Division teams to discuss the situation and consider any options put forward to minimise the negative impact of Glenorchy’s decision to withdraw.

“Further to the above, CA Directors have also agreed to Glenorchy’s request that their 1st team compete in South Division 1. This agreement is given on the on the basis that the team would otherwise withdraw from competition completely and their remaining players would be denied a playing opportunity. Glenorchy’s 2nd team will remain in South Division 2.

“An updated fixture list will be issued shortly.”

We’ll publish details of the revised South Division One fixture list as soon as it’s announced.

Friendly matches at Dalmally between the first and second teams of Glenorchy and Bute on Saturday were cancelled after bad weather left the pitch at the Mart Park unplayable.