Golf: New greens equipment for Rothesay Golf Club

Rothesay Golf Club's new machinery.
Rothesay Golf Club's new machinery.

Rothesay Golf Club’s committee proudly displayed their recently purchased greens machinery at the town club at the weekend.

The equipment, which includes a Toro Hybrid Greens Machine, Toro Fairway Cutter, Toro Five Gang Mower Rough Cutter, tractor-mounted Scarifier, Toro Approach and Tee cutting Machine, was bought by the club thanks to a sizeable VAT repayment from HMRC on overpayment of visitors’ green fees by the club since 1996.

Club captain, George Hanson, gave his thanks to members whose hard work had been highlighted by this case. In particlar he wished to thank past captains Norman Lamond and Jim Torrance, treasurers Lennie Moffatt and Joan Torrance, and secretary Andy Gilmore.

Upon receipt of the funds in August the present club committee began to look at how this much-needed windfall should be spent and held an EGM in November. As a result of submitting their proposals to the floor they got full backing from the members to proceed with their plans to purchase the machinery, in addition to a new state-of-the-art competition computer for the clubhouse.

The present committee has also invested heavily on the golf course itself displaying its confidence in this year’s greens convener Allan Smith Jnr. and new green-keeper Duncan Simpson, both aiding existing stalwart Tommy Ronald.

This team has done an excellent job over the past year with many members and parties commenting that the course was looking in great shape and improving by the month.

A mainland contractor was commissioned, after the golfing season, to hollow core the 18 greens with greens staff and many members volunteering to apply and spread over 60 tons of sand.

The committee has also addressed the course drainage with the assistance of local drainage expert Willie Boag. A special mention must to George Reynolds who has done a lot of work limbing bushes, trees and briar throughout the course.

With all this planning and investment the Island in general should benefit from visiting parties from the mainland. This is exciting times for Rothesay Golf Club and the club members can’t wait to reap the rewards of their labours over the coming golfing season.