Europe triumphs in Rothesay's Ryder Cup

Craig Charker and Iain Simpsons Europe side won Rothesays Golf Clubs version of the Ryder Cup.
Craig Charker and Iain Simpsons Europe side won Rothesays Golf Clubs version of the Ryder Cup.

After seven years of trying, Craig Charker and Iain Simpson’s ‘Europe’ side finally won Rothesay’s Golf Club’s version of the Ryder Cup - by one solitary point!

Team American, led by Hughie Charker and John (the Gilk) Gilchrist could blame the fact that the newly cored and sanded greens were not up to the standard they are used to across the pond but they were far too sporting to lay the blame there.

It was nice to see Craig being presented with the cup as he has probably not had his hands on it before! The weather was fantastic and the match was played in a jovial atmosphere. Who ate all the pies afterwards? Well, just about everyone.

Lucky Shaw wore out the carpet in his many trips to the buffet bar.

Prize winners: Highest up overall - Gordon Shaw, who also holed the longest putt of the day at the second which was further than he goes on holiday, and Jim (the shark) Thomson;

Highest up USA - Ian Shaw and Robert Turnbull;

Closest to the holes--Geo and George Hanson, Scott McAllister and Stuart, Jimmy Crawford and Richard Dunn, Graham McArthur and Gerry McGuigan.

Other prizes went to Jimmy Ewing and Graham Shaw, Jack Reynolds and Josh Cowan, A veil is drawn over the booby prizes but suffice to say your correspondent will enjoy his beer.

Most competitors left with a prize in the lucky card draw.

Once again thanks to everyone who organized the day and all who contributed to the huge pot of prizes.

The October Medal will be played on October 9 (date provisional). As previously stated the greens have been cored and sanded in the last week. This was a big job as all the greens were cored and cleared in one day, the sand will continue to be spread if the weather is kind. A big thanks to all the members and staff that helped with this work, hopefully we will reap the benefit next year.

An Extraordinary General Meeting will be held in the clubhouse on October 30 at 4pm. The reason for the meeting is to discuss the committee’s plans for purchasing new green-keeping equipment, the upgrading of the computer scoring system, and any other competent business.