Bute Golf Club: Pat wins extra medal at Kingarth


Following the postponement of the social match against Port Bannatyne, an extra medal was held at the Kingarth course.

Pat McDonald (20) won with a net score of 60, which also led the second division.

Second overall was Leighton Thomas (10) with a net 63. His gross 73 was the lowest of the day, and led the first division.

In third place, and second in division 1, was Jim Thom (11) with a net 67. David Bodys (12), third in division 1 and Stuart Wilson (14), second in division 2, also returned net scores of 67.

There was one 2, scored by David Bodys at the third hole.

Wednesday, June 1 saw the first round in the Bike Shed Summer League, kindly sponsored again by David Kirkpatrick.. The splendid weather contributed to a large turnout for this nine-hole stableford competition.

The winner, receiving 5 strokes, was Stuart Wilson with 20 points, created from an excellent gross score of 37. John Kernaghan, receiving 6 strokes, was second with 19 points from a gross score of 39. Malcolm Calder (5 strokes), Andy Docherty (2 strokes) and Robert McKirdy (2 strokes) were in joint third place with 17 points. Andy and Robert scored 37 gross, Malcolm 40 gross.

John McBride had a 2 at the 3rd hole.

John Kernaghan’s handicap was reduced to 14 and Stuart Wilson’s to 13. John Greenshield’s handicap increased to 22 and Gordon Sutherland’s to 25.

* An extra medal was played at Kingarth on Saturday, June 4. Missing were Robert McKirdy,

Graeme McArthur, Jim Thom and Leighton Thomas, who were representing Bute Golf Club at Largs Kelburn, in the Firth of Clyde Trophy, the senior competition of the Associated Clubs of Clyde.

For the second time in eight days, the winner of the extra medal was Pat McDonald (19) with a

gross score of 80. His net 61 led division 2. Second overall, and second in division 2, was John

Foley (15) with a net 62. John birdied the 8th and 12th holes. Pat birdied the 14th hole.

Third overall, and leader of division 1, was David Coll (12) with a net 63. Net 63s were also

returned by Richie Smith (20) and Stuart Wilson (13), making them 4 birdied the 9th and 5th overall. Richie birdied the 9th hole. Stuart had birdies at the 7th and 9th holes.

Andy Docherty (7) returned a splendid 73, the lowest gross score of the day. He had birdies at the 9th, 16th, and 18th holes. A 2 was scored by John Foley at the 12th.

* Saturday, June 11 sees the stableford competition for the prestigious Lord Kingarth Trophy, the gift of the Club’s patron, the Right Honourable Lord Kingarth. The holder of the trophy is Leighton Thomas.

Wednesday, June 15 sees the third round of the Bike Shed Summer League (nine-hole stableford).

The course will be closed from 5pm on Friday, June 17 for a private party competition.