Bowlers compete for Rosemary Wright Memorial Salver

President Curly Black (Colintraive BC) & President John Wilson (Rothesay BC) with the Rosemary Wright Memorial Salver.
President Curly Black (Colintraive BC) & President John Wilson (Rothesay BC) with the Rosemary Wright Memorial Salver.

On Saturday, May 14, President John Wilson welcomed Colintraive/Innellan bowlers to the annual friendly at Rothesay Bowling Club, playing for the Rosemary Wright Memorial Salver, writes Myra Campbell.

Following on from last year’s close defeat, Colintraive/Innellan were desperate to win and take the trophy overseas. The weather was just perfect for bowling.

Five Mixed Triples from each club played 16 ends of bowls with a refreshment break after 4, 8 and 12 ends. By the time the bowlers returned to the green for the last four ends, everyone was feeling pretty happy. I don’t know whether it was the drink or the sun that caused the visitors to keep losing shots but plenty of fun was had by all concerned.

The ladies of Rothesay Bowling Club provided a lovely afternoon tea of soup, sandwiches, sausage rolls and meringues, followed by the usual raffle. Special thanks to Joan Reynolds who came along on her birthday to assist with the catering.

President John then read out the scores (very discreetly) so as not to offend the visitors. Apparently Rothesay won by 98 shots to Colintraive/Innellan’s 47. I’m quite convinced that our drinks were spiked!

Mark Rankin, Agnes Connell and Alan Cowan (Skip) were the highest scoring triple for Rothesay with Alex McNaughton, Shirley Sykes and Myra Campbell (Skip) being the highest scoring away team (even though they still lost by 4 shots). Well done to all of them.

All winners received a very generous prize and I must admit it’s the first time that I’ve not minded losing. President John then thanked the visitors for attending, the ladies for the tea, everyone who had provided raffle prizes, etc. He wished everyone a safe journey home and said he looked forward to next year.

Colintraive’s President Curly then gave a vote of thanks on behalf of the visitors. He reiterated John’s thanks and said that it was always a pleasure to come to Rothesay Bowling Club but that next year we would hopefully be taking the trophy back with us. He then presented the salver to President John for 2016.