Academy pupils in cross-country challenge

Rothesay Academy's cross-country participants.
Rothesay Academy's cross-country participants.

Pupils at Rothesay Academy recently laced up their running shoes to participate in the annual cross-country challenge at the Meadows.

Pupils from all years were a credit to the school and put in a massive amount of effort to achieve the best finishing time that they could. Their determination and ambition to succeed provided entertaining races.

Each pupil that completed the course attained a valuable house point for the school’s inter-house competition, with extra points awarded to those finishing in the top ten.

A special congratulations goes to all those who finished first in their respective races: Lewis Whitelaw (S1), Serena Armstrong (S1), Finlay Docherty (S2), Elena McMillan (S2), Ewan Mulholland (S3), Amy Armstrong (S3), Ronan Officer and Abigail Brooks (seniors).

Results are as follows:

S1 boys - 1 Lewis Whitelaw (3:35) new record; 2 Marcus Planck (3:40), 3 Jack McKirdy, (3:50)

S1 girls - 1 Serena Armstrong (4:01); 2 Effie Doyle (4:41), 3 Theresa Morrison-Richards (4:52)

S2 boy - 1 Finlay Docherty (3:30), 2 Donald McLean (3:42), 3 Stephen Dunn (3:52)

S2 girls - 1 Elena McMillan (4:06), 2 Mollie Aitken (4:23), 3 Alanis Morrison (4:27)

S3 boys - 1 Ewan Mulholland (3:16) new record; 2 Jonah Templeton (3:17), 3 Andrew McLauchlin (3:18)

S3 girls - 1 Amy Armstrong (4:01), 2 Erin Jack (4:33), 3 Ashley Bown (4:54)

Senior boys (two laps) - 1 Ronan Officer (6:02) new record

Senior girls (one lap) - 1 Abigail Brooks (3:40)