Rothesay Bowling Club celebrates prize-winners

Some of Rothesay Bowling Club's prize-winners.
Some of Rothesay Bowling Club's prize-winners.

On Saturday, February 27, Rothesay Bowling Club celebrated the achievements of its members during the 2015 season at its prize-giving.

President Johnny Walker welcomed all those attending the evening and celebrated the fact that once again the club had enjoyed a superb year of results.

President Johnny also acknowledged that despite being one of the smallest clubs in our region that the representation of the club in the bigger fields is always strong, and commended those who have represented RBC throughout the region and beyond into the National Finals at Northfield, Ayr in August 2015 - Donald McKellar, senior singles, Violet Westland and Donald McKellar mixed pair and David Reynolds and Billy Wilson gents pairs. The prizes were presented by Mrs Debbie Walker who received a bouquet on behalf of the club for this.

President Johnny thanked Susan and June for their help coordinating the evening and to those who had assisted in setting up the clubhouse and the behind the scenes arrangements. He also thanked Robin Patrick for providing the music for the evening which was enjoyed by all, and also to the Dairy who provided the lovely buffet for the occasion.

Prize-winners were as follows:

External Competitions

Bilsland Trophy, Colintraive - Julie Gilchrist, Susan Selkirk

Upper Cowal Ladies Triples - V. Westland, R. Speirs, M. Wallace

Ardbeg Ladies Triples - R. Speirs, V. Westland, M. Knowles

Western Ferries Trophy - J. Walker, J. Gilchrist, A. Cowan

Dumfries Cup - V. Westland, R. Speirs, S. Selkirk

County Cup Rothesay BC

Smith Cup - Allan Cowan

Stonehaven - Brian McKillop

Easton Triples - I. Downie, J. Walker, D. J. McMurchie

Bute Tournament – Daily Record

Balloted Pairs - June Williams, John (Curly) Black

Ladies; Pairs - Joan Reynolds, Cathy McMurchie

Gents’ Pairs - John Gilchrist, David Reynolds

Gents’ Singles - D. J. McMurchie

Club Competitions

David Walton Memorial - J. Connell, B. McCormack, J. Walker

Tommy Brady Triples - J. McPherson, B. McKillop, J. Walker

R. H. McIntyre Mixed Triples - R. Speirs, V. Westland, A. Cowan

Robin Sprowl Memorial - John Gilchrist, Craig McKellar

McAlister Pairs - Jock McKirdy, David Reynolds

STAGG - B. McCormack, S. Selkirk (runners-up J. Connell, J. Reynolds)

Ballochgoy Cup - Susan Selkirk (runner-up June Williams)

Ladies’ Pairs - V. Westland, R. Speirs (runners-up J. Gilchrist, A. Connell)

Ladies’ Presidents - N. Reynolds (runner-up C. McMurchie)

Finlay - B. McKillop (runner-up J. Wilson)

Taddei - A. Cowan (runner-up D. McKellar)

Gents’ Pairs - A. Cowan, J. Gilchrist (runners-up D. J. McMurchie, I. McMurchie)

Gents’ Presidents - D. McKellar, (runner-up B. Wilson)

Charles Boyle Memorial - B. McKillop (runner-up B. McCormack)

Club Championships

Ladies’ Championship - V. Westland (runner-up J. Williams)

Gents’ Championship - D. J. McMurchie (runner-up D. Reynolds)