Pool: New Bute league season set to begin

The new Isle of Bute Pool League season is due to get under way on Thursday, October 18 - and a number of rule changes were made at the organisation’s AGM this week ahead of the new campaign.

Ten teams have entered this year’s competition - two each from the Golfers Bar, Struan Bar, Mac’s Bar and Kingarth Hotel and one each from the Galatea and the Palace Bar.

Each team must have a representative attend committee meetings, and a one-point deduction will be made per team for each non-attendance - you have been warned!

The AGM saw the following elected as office-bearers: Mike McHardy (chairman and SPA rep), Gordon McMillan (vice-chairman), Kevin Bowie (secretary) and Carol McHardy (treasurer). Other committee members are Chez Harrison, Willie Mullen, Richard Reid, John McBride, Colin Nicol and Robert Docherty senior.

The team entry fee remains the same as last year - £25 for one team and £30 for two. A copy of the league’s revised constitution, team guidelines and rules for the new ‘Scotch doubles’ playing format which will be used this season will be distributed before October 18.

Player registration of £1 has been dropped this year in favour of a one off £6 team registration, which should be collected by the team captains and forwarded to the pool league before the first matches get under way.

Match points are awarded as follows: one point for winning or drawing the singles section, one point for winning the doubles section and one point to the match winner. League positions will be decided on points won, irrespective of total wins.

Should points be level then game difference will be employed, and if that too is level, a play-off will decide the outcome. Theoretically, therefore, it is possible for a team to win the league without having won the most matches.

The AGM also agreed to form a sub-committee, consisting of one member from each establishment, whose sole purpose will be to select an island team to enter the Scottish Pool Association’s 11- and 15-person team challenges, or indeed any other team competitions that come along.

The Isle of Bute Pool League will once again affiliate to the Scottish Pool Association for the 2013 season - a move which will allow any member of the league to join the SPA as an individual member (IM) and enter at a cost of £30 seven ranked IM tournaments played during 2013.

If there are sufficient entries, local qualifiers for each tournament will be held on the island with the winners going through to the national finals played at various locations on the mainland.

Anyone wishing to join the IMs must submit their name and £30 entry to Mike McHardy by Sunday, November 11.

Finally, two island teams - FUBAR and The Mafia - are set to go to Pettycur Bay caravan park later this month for the SPA’s annual national five-person team challenge.

The teams will be leaving on the 1pm sailing from Rothesay on Friday, October 26, and a coach is booked to pick up the party at Wemyss Bay at 2pm.

Two players have still to pay their coach money, and this should be given to Mike McHardy forthwith.