Latest news from the Isle of Bute Pool League

All the latest news from the Isle of Bute Pool League.
All the latest news from the Isle of Bute Pool League.
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The Golfers Bar Shield competition results for Thursday, November 28 are as follows: Gamba’s 2 (3) v (6) Golf Club 2; Struan 1 (6) v (3) Struan 2; and Golf Club 1 (8) v (1) Gamba’s 1.

All other teams have byes through to the next round.

* League individual positions – There are numerous players on 4 or 3 wins each. Once this thins out individual positions will be published.

* Due to an IM membership poll being carried out over the past month or so the entry date for joining the Individual Memberships has been extended to January 5. The outcome of that poll is as follows:

Proposal 1 - Two of the IM’s will be trialled with 256 players going through to 4 venue’s on the Saturday, playing down to 32 who will play off for the title on the Sunday. (Carried)

Proposal 2 - Reduce to 6 IMs, ranking best 6 events out of 7 (includes Scottish Singles), £30 for 6 IMs. Scottish entry separate. (Carried)

Proposal 3 - 1/7th of all IM money to go to a new International Fund. (Not carried)

The first proposal is good news for Isle of Bute players because based on similar numbers entering and with the same pro-rata as this year two players would qualify for two of the IMs and have a chance to experience playing in the SPA’s national finals. The second proposal is self-explanatory and the third means all monies taken in entries will be paid out in prize money to the players entering.

Any player from the Isle of Bute area who would like to enter the SPA IMs for 2014 should contact Mike McHardy on 07783881766 and arrange to pay the £30 entry by noon on Friday, January 3, to allow time for bank transfers to be made to the SPA.

* The next committee meeting will be held on Monday 27th January at 8:30pm in the Galatea Bar.

* Due to s shortage of space we are unable to print the current league table. To view it, visit