Christmas flier for Rothesay bowlers

The latest news from Rothesay Bowling Club.
The latest news from Rothesay Bowling Club.

Harry Hall, Johnny Walker and Alan Cowan won the first prize roast dinners at Rothesay Bowling Club’s Christmas flier, sponsored by Dorothy Walton and Joan Reynolds, on Friday.

James McDonald, Mavis Knowles, Jim Miller and John Gilchrist each won runner-up breakfasts.

This Friday, December 19, is the club’s last flier of 2014, sponsored by Alan Cowan and John Gilchrist. Games start at 7.30pm.

Section A: (1) J. Reynolds, B. McCormack, J. Miller, S. McDonald; (2) D. McDonald, J. Williams, P. Thompson, S. Bolton; (3) M. Knowles, B. MacKillop, D. McKellar.

Section B: (1) M. Bommer, J. Wilson, J. Burke, D. Reynolds; (2) J. Gilchrist, I. McDonald, J. Walker, D. Williams; (3) M. Miller, D. Walton, A. Cowan.