Bute fighters’ success at national championships

BCKA Scotland winners.
BCKA Scotland winners.

British Chinese Kickboxing Association Scotland - based on Bute - recently travelled down to England to compete at their first BCKA National Championships on May 24, and had cause to celebrate after winning ten medals.

Over 300 fighters competed on the same day and travelled from all areas around the UK to compete at this competition.

The group came home with four silver, and six bronze medals .

Overall the day was quite a success, especially when you consider that the club and the fighters have only been training for less than a year.

Denise Dick, senior coach at BCKA Scotland, told us: “I am very proud of each one of my students, and if they keep up with their training they will be even better next year!”

Next on the agenda for BCKA Scotland will be the WKC World in Portugal this November, which everyone is very excited about.