Ardbeg Bowling Club’s annual prize-giving

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Ardbeg Bowling Club’s annual prize-giving took place on Sunday, October 4, bringing to a close the 2015 outdoor season.

The top prizes, the ladies’ and gents’ singles championships, were won this year by K. Bell and B. Caird.

Results are as follows:


Easton Trophy (nominated rinks) - Winners R. McCrae, D. Bowie, C. MacPhail, G. Turner; Runners-up A. Williamson, J. Preston, G. Peacock, J. Gilmour

Tom Wood Cup (nominated triples) - Winners G. McNae, G. Wokes, D. Bowie; Runners-up I. Duncan, J. Gilmour, B. Caird

MacRae Trophy (nominated pairs) - Winners G. Peacock, B. Caird; Runners-up D. Bodys, G. McNae

Cochrane Cup (Stonehaven singles) - Winner G. Turner; Runner-up J. Gilmour

Speirs Trophy (President’s Prize) - Winner C. MacPhail; Runner-up A. Williamson

Spencer Cup (Smith singles) - Winner J. Gilmour; Runner-up G. Turner

W. T. Loch Trophy (championship) - Winner B. Caird; Runner-up G. Wokes

Bute Bowling Association Winners

McMillan Fours - R. McCrae, D. Bowie, C. MacPhail, G. Turner

MacRae Cup - R. McCrae, S. Stevenson


Jubilee Cup - Winners K. Bell, J. Gilmour; Runners-up L. Price, G. Turner

Sandra Baker Memorial Trophy - Winner H. Hay; Runner-up A. Greig


Balloted triples (Blacklock rosebowl) - Winners B. Scoullar, S. Stevenson, L. Price; Runners-up S. McLean, C. McLean, B. Morrow

Nominated Pairs (Joan Petrie Cup) - Winners B. Morrow, E. McHugh; Runners-up M. Muir, L. Price

President’s Prize (McDonald Trophy) - Winner E. McHugh, Runner-up B. Morrow

Championship (Gillies Cup) - Winner K. Bell; Runner-up M. Muir

Ladies Buteshire Winners

LBBA Triples - B. Morrow, B. Scoullar, L. Price

Crawford Cup Singles - E. McHugh