Indoor Football latest results and fixtures

RESULTS from December 7 in the Hannay Fraser & Co and Rothesay Brandane indoor football tournament at the Pavilion were as follows.

Under 9 - Ajax Max 4-0 The Rockys, Barcaloony 7-2 The Strikers.

Under 11 - Blue Crew 2-0 Super Spain, Super Scotland 0-1 Energy Dogs, Rothesay Rovers 3-0 Blue Crew.

Under 13 - Red Devils 0-2 Angry Birds, No Name 5-1 Real Barra.

Under 15 - White Chicks 5-3 Geordy Boyz.

Under 18 - Devil Girls 4-0 Bayer Neverlusen.

Fixtures for tonight (Friday, December 14) - the last round of games before the Christmas and New Year break - are as follows.

Under 9 - Ajax Max v The Strikers 7pm, The Rockys v Barcaloony 7.10pm.

Under 11 - Rothesay Rovers v Super Spain* 7.20pm, Blue Crew v Super Scotland 7.30pm, Energy Dogs v Super Spain* 7.40pm.

Under 13 - Red Devils v Real Barra 7.50pm, Angry Birds v No Name 8pm.

Under 15 - Geordy Boyz v Gilk’s Hungry 8.15pm.

Under 18 - Bayer Neverlusen v 5 Boys 1 Cup 8.30pm.