Your letters to The Buteman: June 5, 2015

Send your letters to the editor to Please include your name and address for publication.
Send your letters to the editor to Please include your name and address for publication.

Here’s this week’s crop of readers’ letters, as published in the June 5 edition of The Buteman.

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Drivers: please tell us where you’re going!

Just a friendly reminder to residents of (and visitors to) Bute that their cars come equipped with indicators. Whilst they themselves may know where they are going the rest of us are none the wiser and would really appreciate the heads up so we can get out of your way.

Thank you!

Michael Judd, 2/2 Right, 15 Castle Street, Port Bannatyne

Incident shows ferries are not suitable

Having been a regular commuter on the Rothesay-Wemyss Bay service, I have developed admiration for the skill of the captains and crews of MVs Argyle and the Bute.

On Sunday afternoon I witnessed at first hand the developing emergency while waiting on Wemyss Bay pier for the 4pm sailing to Rothesay.

With the urgent arrival of all the emergency services at the pier - fire and rescue, ambulance, police, coastguard and the RNLI inshore lifeboat, it was clear that they were responding to a ‘major incident’.

Fortunately there were no injuries and the MV Argyle eventually managed to limp in to berth due to the skill (once again) of the captain, crew and pier staff - and a respite in the weather which shortly before would have made such a difficult manoeuvre near impossible.

A major incident appears to have been averted on this occasion. But what about the next time there is a ‘technical fault’ on one of the ferries while at sea?

The number of times services are disrupted for technical reasons appears to be increasing, with the perception that the frequency of these failures is approaching the level of disruption due to weather.

Bute must be able to rely on on its ferry links. All the more so when sailings are diverted to and from Gourock during the Wemyss Bay pier repairs this coming winter. A one vessel service to Gourock would simply not be tolerable.

The CalMac ferry captains and their crews do a great job, and the emergency services demonstrated on Sunday how well they are able to respond to a potential major incident.

But are our ferries really fit for service? Or is it just a ‘Ferry Tale’?

Ronnie Falconer, Hawkstone Lodge, Ascog

Garden ‘destruction’ in King Street

I am writing concerning the destruction of the garden that was on King Street opposite Stuart Street in Rothesay.

This is how it happened.

The local councillors were told that the sycamore tree growing in it was unhealthy and that its roots were making the pavement uneven. I do not agree with either statement.

It is my opinion that the tree was cut down by the tree maintenance workers after John McGuigan asked him to so that his clients on the HELP Project in Bishop Street could have something to do, and also on the wishes of Iain Gillespie, community councillor.

I have been informed that the tree was healthy and if anyone cares to look they will see that the pavement is as smooth as silk.

So now that Iain Gillespie has worked almost single handedly on its regeneration, employing diggers to dig up the recently vibrant hedges, he then had the audacity to place a ‘Rabid Rabbit’ wood carving on the tree stump of the dead sycamore tree and ask local school children to name it.

If regeneration is the removal of healthy hedges and trees for no reason then this garden is well named. The work resembles a desert in an oasis. It now resembles a stage set for Hamlet.

I am sure the local wildlife will appreciate his efforts.

Catherine McLean, 24 Castle Street, Rothesay