Your letters to The Buteman: July 11, 2014

Write to: Letters to the Editor, The Buteman, 5 Victoria Street, Rothesay, Isle of Bute PA20 0AJ. You can also email your letters to
Write to: Letters to the Editor, The Buteman, 5 Victoria Street, Rothesay, Isle of Bute PA20 0AJ. You can also email your letters to

This week’s selection of letters to The Buteman includes readers’ defence of a Bute care firm criticised by Argyll and Bute Council, SNP councillor Isobel Strong’s response to Liberal Democrat MP Alan Reid, and praise for local radio station Bute FM.

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High standard provided by local firm

I was saddened to read the criticism of care company Careplus in the July 4 edition of The Buteman. I should be grateful for the opportunity of using your columns to redress the balance.

My 96-year-old mum had a stroke in January of this year. She was treated in the Victoria Hospital in Rothesay, where she received excellent nursing care from the hospital staff.

After several weeks in hospital, she was sent home by ambulance to receive a ‘care in the community’ package. To say the least, the family was extremely concerned by this situation.

However, step in Careplus. Straight away, a routine was established and the Careplus team put us at ease. My family and I cannot praise the staff who look after mum highly enough.

Apart from the practical aspects of their care, which are carried out efficiently and professionally in an exemplary manner, their kindness, understanding, sympathy and patience leave nothing to be wished for.

In short, without Careplus and its brilliant team, I do not know how we would have coped since mum’s discharge from hospital.

So a big thank you to the Careplus team from the Blair/Cobain family.

Mike Blair, 5 Eaglesham Terrace, Rothesay

Staff always go the extra mile

I felt I had to say something in reply to the article about Careplus in your July 4 issue.

I have had carers from Careplus coming into my home for around five years, firstly to care for my late husband and then, and still, to care for my daughter.

I cannot comment on every member of staff, but the girls I have had in my home, without exception, went the extra mile to ensure both my husband and my daughter were and are treated with the utmost respect, dignity and kindness.

I would not have anyone else in my home assisting with my daughter’s care.

Pearl Tait, 6 Broadcroft Lane, Rothesay

The real reason MP should be outraged

Alan Reid MP (Letters, June 27) says I have a ‘distorted version of history’ and he is ‘outraged’ by my letter published two weeks previously.

What he should be outraged about is that vulnerable people on Bute and throughout the country are having to depend on food banks.

What has emerged here is that many of those attending have had their benefits sanctioned, are disabled, or have mental health issues.

A significant number of people affected by the ‘bedroom tax’ also are disabled.

Although some of the worst of this has been mitigated by discretionary housing payments this is a system supported by his Liberal Democrat party in the coalition government in Westminster.

What I want to see is a country where a living wage is paid to those who are working and a fair benefit system that doesn’t kick people when they are down.

What is forgotten is that people pay income tax and national insurance when they are working and can therefore claim benefits when they are unable to work through illness or redundancy.

Cllr Isobel Strong (SNP, Isle of Bute), Lilybank, Glebelands, Rothesay

New licence is good news for Bute station

Well done to Iain Morrison, managing director of Bute FM - The Sound of Bute - on securing the station’s community licence for a further five years, as reported in your July 4 edition.

With the appointment of an entirely new board of directors, the station is now on the road to beomcing a top class community radio station.

A radio station is different things to different people: it offers information to some, entertainment to others. For some it can be the only voice they hear all day. A radio station is a gift to the community, and we are fortunate to have our own little station, broadcasting to the people of Bute and to listeners across the world.

Let’s support the new Bute FM, which is the sound of Bute.

Peter Flowers, 70F High Street, Rothesay