Your letters to The Buteman: January 16, 2015

Email your opinions to, with the subject line 'Letter to the Editor'.
Email your opinions to, with the subject line 'Letter to the Editor'.

This week’s selection of your Letters to the Editor includes a thank you from local bus driver Paul Tritschler for donations made on this year’s ‘Santa Bus’, as well as advice on obtaining a royal greeting on the occasion of a relative’s 100th birthday or diamond wedding anniversary.

Festive donations on ‘Santa’s Bus’

I would like to thank the residents of Bute for their kind donations during the festive period on ‘Santa’s Bus’.

Your generosity during this time has once again shown that people on Bute are willing to dig deep into their pockets at this time of the year.

A total of £370 was raised, which will be given to the local playgroups.

A special thank you also to the children travelling to and from school during the past year for keeping me entertained. I wish you all a healthy and prosperous New Year.

Paul Tritschler, West Coast Motors, High Road, Port Bannatyne

Will your granny be 100 this year?

Have you noticed that there are fewer reports and photos in The Buteman of 100th birthday celebrations and of diamondwedding celebrations receiving congratulations from Her Majesty The Queen?

Sadly, recent interpretation of ‘confidentiality’ laws means that the Queen - through registrars working throughout the country - will not know about one hundredth birthdays or 60th wedding anniversaries unless you tell her.

Although our own registrar and her team used to search for and spot these anniversaries, they are no longer allowed to do so.

If you would like to be sure that the 100-year-old in your family will receive a royal greeting, or your elderly grandparents receive the Queen’s greetings on their diamond wedding, you must tell someone.

The registrar at Eaglesham House has a helpful guidance pamphlet at her office, or you could tell me or my successor (soon to be appointed), or you could contact the Lord-Lieutenant’s clerk, George Seaton, in Oban on (01631) 563050.

If you think your elderly relatives would appreciate a royal greeting on their special day, take action now.

Lyn Bulloch (deputy lieutenant for the island of Bute), 25 Auchnacloich Rd, Rothesay

Memories of Harry Margolis in Rothesay

Your readers may be aware that Harry Margolis, the renowned Scottish dance band leader known as ‘Glasgow’s King of Swing’, passed away on Christmas Eve at the age of 97.

Harry, to those who may not recognise the name, booked and fronted the resident dance band at Rothesay Pavilion for many summer seasons.

He was a very flamboyant character, and dressed like an American, with a huge American-style car.

This car was noted throughout the entertainment business because it had a white telephone - an innovation then unknown, unless seen in films - sitting on the dashboard. The usefulness of this telephone, however, was a matter of conjecture, because nobody ever saw him using it.

When the car was parked in front of the Pavilion, the local youngsters had great delight in leaving notes behind the windscreen wipers with messages like ‘Your phone was ringing - you missed a call’, ‘Where’s the wee slot to put the money in?’ and ‘If you’re looking for a job, mister, phone the conductor in the Pavilion’.

I got to know Harry fairly well when I worked in Glasgow, and I asked him if he had indeed ever used the phone.

His reply was that it had been used - but he never said it was either used by himself, or had been used by someone else before he purchased it.

Either way, it was a great item of publicity that could only have been thought up by a master showman like Harry.

Iain Gillespie, 37 East Princes St, Rothesay

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