This week’s ‘Letters to the Editor’

Email your opinions to, with the subject line 'Letter to the Editor'.
Email your opinions to, with the subject line 'Letter to the Editor'.

This week’s edition of The Buteman features a bumper crop of letters to the editor, ranging from thoughts on the island’s population problems to a reader’s concerns over the lack of kidney dialysis facilities on Bute.


A visitor’s thoughts on depopulation


As a regular visitor to the island I would like bring to the attention of the people of the some of the things I have come a cross over the years concerning the steady reduction in population.

One of the biggest problems is the younger generation, 20s-40s, who I have spoken to regarding their discontent of what is available for their needs on the island. Jobs were their main priority which they say the island does not bring in with less companies to generate more growth. If they want work they have to go to the mainland which is another cost before they pick up a wage so they might as well move to where the work is. This way there are no ferry fares to deduct from their wage.

This age group should be given first priority. A meeting should be called on their behalf from local councilors and information taken of their complaints and dealt with accordingly. Only when these things are complete will the population reduction slow down and hopefully improve. Ignore this age group at your peril; at the end of the day these people are the economy’s work force and Bute’s future.

I recently had a conversation with your tourist board of an idea I had to bring more people to Bute. This was for reps to visit shopping centres around the north east of England and talk to shoppers direct to promote the Island. Whilst I’m aware this all costs money I believe the direct approach works much better than shoving leaflets through letter boxes. This could be done on a temporary basis and monitored through ways of guest houses and hotels.

Graham Thorp

1 Lancaster Terrace, Chester-le-Street, County Durham

Discussions should be constructive


I agree with the Editor’s comments (February 6) where he is asking everyone to look at political matters in a positive and constructive manner.

No one person or party is completely right or wrong.

To tease out details and attack individuals is wrong and counter-productive, and some recent letters in The Buteman are farcical.

I would suggest that Mr Moodie curtails his rude and amateurish attacks, some of which are aimed at prominent, good public servants who must think him very foolish.

I, for one, am very bored with his rantings, and feel that his constant outpourings contribute nothing to the debate but show only complete obsession to one side of the story.

To lower oneself to personal attacks and mud-slinging is the stuff of playgrounds.

For those enthused enough to contribute to the debate, it would be sensible to make intelligent comments that are worthy of consideration, rather than finding constant fault in others.

God help us, but we are rapidly going the American way of taking down the opposition by character assassination. And look at how much corruption has been uncovered there.

It would be much more beneficial for party politics to be replaced with hard work by those elected to represent the well being of the population.

As for the recent low grade squabbles on the letters page of The Buteman, perhaps there should be less in-fighting and more practical ideas as to how and when the government will start improving the lives of us all.

Doug Woolmer

Bogany House, Rothesay

Kidney dialysis unit is needed on Bute


Alan Reid writes (Letters, February 6) to highlight the lack of dialysis facilities on Bute.

I was surprised recently, on hearing that I will shortly need dialysis, when I heard that patients from Bute need to travel to Greenock for treatment.

I cannot pretend that I look forward to a regular commute to Branchton in the winter months to have my dialysis treatment. Of course we must continue to press NHS Highland to provide facilities for patients locally in Bute, Cowal and Kintyre.

Under the current political settlement, health is a matter for the Scottish Parliament in Holyrood. It is difficult to see what pressure Mr Reid can exercise on Westminster to persuade the health boards on spending for a dialysis unit.

He seems to be more than happy to impose austerity while at the same time spending on Trident renewal and aircraft carriers without aircraft!

Personally I would be more than happy to scrap some of that Trident spending and pass the money on to NHS Highland for a dialysis unit.

Hamish Kirk

21 Russell Street, Rothesay

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