This week’s Letters to the Editor

Our pick of this week's Letters to the Editor of The Buteman.
Our pick of this week's Letters to the Editor of The Buteman.

In the letters page of The Buteman this week, our readers voice concerns over cyclists using the island’s pavements, offer praise for the council’s gardeners, and question the reasons behind the town’s decline.

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Cycling on pavements is dangerous


Having lost my job after being knocked down by an adult cyclist on the pavement I admit to having an axe to grind when it comes to pedestrians being endangered by cyclists on the pavement.

At the front of ‘Flowers by Janine’ in Montague Street my grandson and I were told to “get tae f*** out the way” by an adult cyclist in his 30s on the pavement. At this point the pavement is narrow enough without cyclists using it.

At Pointhouse Crescent, the six-year-old, who had laid his bike on the pavement for a rest, was told to get his bike out the way so two adults cycling on the pavement could get by - even though the road was empty.

Several years ago I attended a Community Council meeting to ask the police inspector why the police don’t take action in Rothesay against people cycling on the pavement. I was astounded when I was told it was because cars were going too fast on the road and it would be dangerous to cycle on the road.

I appreciate that there is no actual law forbidding cycling on the pavement but there are several laws regarding endangering pedestrians by cycling on the pavement.

Travelling regularly round the country, I rarely see cycling on the pavement as often as I do in this town so perhaps it’s about time that all adult cyclists took to the road and their presence might slow the vehicle traffic to a safe speed.

Steve Thornton

26 Argyle Place, Rothesay


Praise for council’s gardeners


Once again may I thank all who are in any way responsible for our gardens on the Esplanade and at Ardencraig .

They are, as ever, really beautiful both in content and layout.

All of this must be considered in the light of reducing budgets over which the department has little control.

Well done everyone, and thank you.

Councillor Len Scoullar

(Independent, Isle of Bute)

45 Craigmore Road, Rothesay


Bring back Rothesay’s golden age


Glasgow Fair no more. Pubs, cafes, even the putting green all gone, once bursting at the seams. Laughter on every street corner, right down to the busy pier, commuters in their droves coming and going from all over Glasgow and beyond, guest houses all with no vacancies.

And who is to blame for this no longer being the case? Council officials and elected members for letting CalMac run the over-priced ferries to and from Wemyss Bay.

It’s well subsidised so no matter who travels it’s all paid for, yet it costs a fortune to board. It should be free, or a minimum price of just a few pounds. It’s cheaper to stay on the mainland than to come to the jewel in the crown of Scotland’s west coast islands.

Empty properties, massive unemployment, people getting into trouble because there’s nothing to do. End this by reducing the fares, cutting travelling costs and bringing back tourists, not cutting the island off the map.

Businesses closing everywhere, so elected members must start now doing what you were elected for, or the proportion of representation will be cut. You don’t need three over-paid councillors running the Isle of Bute.

Oh, and by the way, is the Hide and Seek championships on just now? I don’t see any elected members around at the moment.

As a Brandane I have Rothesay at heart, and lots of bygone memories.

Stephen Johnstone

Gypsy Rose, Ardentinny