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Write to: Letters to the Editor, The Buteman, 5 Victoria Street, Rothesay, Isle of Bute PA20 0AJ. You can also email your letters to
Write to: Letters to the Editor, The Buteman, 5 Victoria Street, Rothesay, Isle of Bute PA20 0AJ. You can also email your letters to
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This week’s Letters to the Editor feature one correspondent’s suggestion that community turbine projects are ‘ploys’, praise for local Co-operative staff, and an appeal to save the West Church from demolition.

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No power to the people in Bute turbine plan


I note from the pages of The Buteman that the ‘Towards Zero Carbon Bute’ initiative (it’s difficult to think of a more useless waste of public money than this quango, set up bythe Scottish Government), in conjunction with Bute Community Power, is attempting, once again, to site wind turbines on Bute as well as solar panels on some waste ground.

They have promised a small amount of money, which seems to me to amount to a sweetener, which will be put back in to the community if this goes ahead.

This is a ploy by the land owners, power companies and their cohorts in the Scottish Government, who are determined to push this bogus technology which is no solution at all to the future energy needs of the Scottish people.

In fact it is yet another attempt to extract more money from the hard pressed consumer in the way of large grants available to fund such technology, pushing up our energy bills still further.

Perhaps Towards Zero Carbon Bute could answer this question: if they are so concerned about our carbon emissions why have they not done the obvious and pushed for Bute to be a smokeless zone?

Maybe they could answer through your paper; I would be very interested in their reply.

Mark Anderson

493 Clarkston Road, Muirend, Glasgow

Quality of Co-operative staff is superb


While I can be critical of the monopoly that the Co-op has at present on our beautiful island, I do hope it realises just what an extremely high calibre of staff it has.

They are, without exception, friendly and helpful in all respects. Further, each and every one of them takes pride in their appearance and presentation.

Often understaffed, they nevertheless keep their cool with big smiles on their faces, no matter what the pressure, It’s more like visiting friends than just shopping.

Given that I live in a fourth floor flat, I must also mention the cheery presence of the kind and considerate delivery staff member.

Despite lumbering up truly heavy bags to me sometimes, never has he complained, and is only a delight, greeting me with a smile and friendly banter, when I open my flat door to receive my purchases, feeling somewhat guilty that it has been he who has had to cart my things up, rather than I - though very very grateful all the same!

On an island the size of Bute, with the extremely limited job opportunities here, I am well aware that most, if not all, of the Co-op’s staff are doing jobs which are well below their capabilities and salary potential, had they been living on the mainland.

So this is an appropriate time to say thank you to each and every one of them: those who help me find items, those who reach to the top shelf to secure them because I’m not tall enough, those who kindly and efficiently check out my shopping, always having something interesting to say, and, finally the wonderful man who lugs all of my groceries to my door in good humour, without exception.

It’s nice to be able to throw some bouquets when they are so very well deserved.

I just hope that some of the staff members read this to know how much they are appreciated.

Jude Dallas

2/4, 10 The Terrace, Ardbeg

Former West Church must be saved


I happened by chance to see two French women walking along the Rothesay promenade on Sunday, June 22 at about 11.30am.

In the course of their walk the one site which drew their interest, admiration and attention was the magnificent edifice of the former West Church, where they stopped and proceeded to take photographs.

This is what makes Rothesay unique: the old buildings which tell the story of the island as true as any book. If you destroy the buildings you reduce the place in stature and heritage.

This building deserves to stand: it has unique architectural features and is beautiful in every sense of the word.

I would challenge those who say its roof is unsafe to provide some proof of this, as its slates seem as regular as a church roof and there appears to be no sagging of the roof joints. Save this historic building so that others can enjoy it: there are enough monstrosities being erected in Guildford Square as I write to last a lifetime.

Catherine McLean

24 Castle Street, Rothesay