Our pick of Letters to the Editor

Our pick of this week's Letters to the Editor of The Buteman.
Our pick of this week's Letters to the Editor of The Buteman.

This week’s selection of your contributions to The Buteman’s letters page includes two island groups’ concerns over dog fouling in the town, thanks from an island resident to those who came to his aid after an accident, and the last lot of letters on the subject of independence in the run up to September 18.

If you’d like to see your thoughts on any issue of importance to Bute appearing in print in our letters page, email your views to news@buteman.com (or click on the email address at the top of this story). Please keep your contributions as brief and to-the-point as possible - and remember to include your name and address for publication and a daytime phone number in case we need to clarify anything quickly.

The deadline is 5pm on Monday, September 8 - but the sooner you write to us, the better are your chances of seeing your views in print, so don’t hang about!


Please vote


The pollsters are predicting an 80 per cent turnout for the referendum and saying this is excellent. I disagree.

If the polls are correct, the fate of Scotland for the foreseeable future will be determined by less than 45 percent of those eligible to vote.

Whatever your views, it is vital that everyone who can vote does so. It is equally important that the nastiness which has spoiled the last few weeks disappears.

I am a proud Scot who definitely does not wish to live in a bitterly divided country.

N. H. Lamond

Flat 2, Crichton View,


Thank you


May I take the opportunity through your pages to thank the many people who so speedily came to my aid on Wednesday, September 3, when I somehow overturned my digger leaving me trapped with a ton or so of metal on my leg, an extremely unpleasant and painful position to be in.

Thankfully within just minutes several local men and women responded to my calls for help and were very quickly able to alleviate a lot of the pressure and therefore pain.

Soon afterwards with the help of more locals and police officers Naomi, Billy and Scott I was freed and helped clear coinciding with the arrival of paramedics Mike and Tony and Roddy with a fire and rescue service crew (a crew whose speed of turnout has always amazed and impressed me, given that they are a retained call out service.)

The medical care I received and awkward site extraction was a model of professionalism and teamwork, laced of course with the lashing of the banter and ribbing I expected and deserved! My quality care was continued at A&E by Jo, Fiona, Pauline and Dr Shennan.

I consider myself extremely fortunate to have escaped the incident without serious injury mainly thanks to lady luck but also thanks to all who were there.

Whilst it is easy for me to recall and name the professionals involved I regret that at the time I didn’t really take in who all the locals were.

Importantly though you all know who you are and that you have my sincere thanks and appreciation.

We are indeed very fortunate on Bute to live in such a great community and to be backed up by first class emergency services.

Gary Steele

79 Ardbeg Road, Rothesay

An inclusive nationalism


I hope the people of Bute and the rest of the country will vote Yes on September 18, and will not be swayed by the insulting remarks directed at the Scottish National Party in Dr Spencer’s letter last week.

What we have here is an inclusive civic nationalism which is democratic, and not ethnic nationalism, which is the opposite.

The referendum is not about the SNP – it is about people of all parties and none voting to become an independent country like almost 200 other normal countries throughout the world.

What started as a political campaign under the umbrella of Yes Scotland has turned into a grassroots movement which has energised people in all parts of Scotland who want to live in a country where the Government has all the powers of a normal country to control taxation, welfare, defence, pensions, the NHS etc. according to Scottish priorities.

While the devolved Scottish Parliament already has considerable powers it cannot control its income and has to rely on a block grant from Westminster, where Scottish MPs of all parties only number 59 out of over 600 - even though the revenues from oil, whisky etc. contribute huge amounts to the Exchequer.

If the parties who make up ‘Better Together’ really think we are better together, why did they wait till now to offer a better deal with more devolved powers? It looks to me very like a bribe.

I think the Scottish people will see through this and vote Yes. The momentum is with us.

Cllr Isobel Strong (SNP)

Lilybank, Glebelands, Rothesay

Please pick up dog poo!


Please can you print our letter to let everyone know on Bute that we are not happy that there is a lot of dog poo around our Nursery again and also on lots of the pavements and grass everywhere!

We had worked so hard before making posters to remind dog owners to pick up their dogs poo, but have lots of people forgotten?

Let’s make our beautiful island stay clean and safe for us little people.

Pick up the poo, please!

The children of Apple Tree Nursery

Mackinlay Street, Rothesay

Can you afford not to clean up after your dog?


You recently published an article regarding the level of dog fouling at the public park. Unfortunately this seems to have had little or no impact, as there are still dogs fouling on the rugby field.

There are a lot of conscientious dog owners who pick up after their dogs, but there are evidently still a number of people who don’t.

We had a friendly game of rugby on Sunday against TRI Rugby from Kilmarnock. A member of our committee checked the pitch around two hours before the match and, in total, noticed five areas that had been fouled on and not picked up. In one of these areas, there was a bag which contained excrement but it had been left open and lying on the ground! The pitch was eventually cleared and ready for the game.

During a previous game, the referee had to halt a game until one of our players cleared an area of the pitch. This was highly embarrassing for the club and could have been avoided if the dog owner(s) had been responsible enough to clean up after their pet.

As a rugby club we train and play on this pitch, from our minis section which includes primary school children all the way up to our senior squad. Not picking up after your dog on our pitch, or on any other of the playing fields where shinty, cricket and football are also played, cannot and will not be accepted.

We have agreed with the council to highlight this issue by placing signs around the pitch. We would urge anyone who witnesses a dog owner/walker not picking up after their dog to “blow the whistle on a fouler”. Remember there is the possibility of a maximum fine of £500.

Not only are there sports played in this area but the newly opened playpark brings a lot of families and young children. A number of issues which can affect someone who ingests dog faeces are serious illness, seizures, breathing difficulties, clouded vison and possible blindness.

With the possibility of facing health and financial implications, can you afford to not pick up after your dog?

Bute Rugby Club

High Street, Rothesay