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Letters from The Buteman, September 8, 2017.

Sub facility at Port Bannatyne

Sir, – I am researching the history of the Royal Navy submarine commanding officers’ course.

Over the years, very many of these courses were run from Rothesay, and central to the course, from between about 1940 and 1965, was the Submarine Attack Teacher (an elaborate training device) at Port Bannatyne.

Unfortunately, the official records and archives are barren of any information about this facility, but I wonder if 
any local people may have memories, memorabilia, documents or photographs of the place.

Some may even have built it or worked there.

If anyone has any information or might be able to help, don’t hesitate to get in touch via email at coqcstudy@gmail.com.

My thanks in anticipation. – Yours, etc.,

David Parry

26 Kiln Lane


Thank you from Isobel and Robert

Sir, – We would like to thank the local SNP branch for putting on such a special night last Saturday.

It was nice to be recognised for our years of service on the Council and receive beautiful gifts to mark it.

We couldn’t get everything done that the community wanted but we did try.

Thanks also to the golf club staff for serving such a wonderful meal.

We were overwhelmed with the good wishes from everyone including members from Dunoon, Glasgow and Islay, as well as the MSP and MP. – Yours, etc.,

Isobel Strong and

Robert Macintyre

None of them were invented by Scots!

Sir, – I’m writing in the hope of getting the prize for being first to spot the deliberate mistakes in The Buteman’s September 1 edition editorial (“Another feat of Scottish creativity”).

Neither the telephone, the bike nor propellers were invented by Scots.

Anyone silly enough to believe what he or she reads in books compiled by diligent plodders content to perpetuate earlier writers’ errors must not be offended when corrected by someone sufficiently interested in a subject to have 
researched it comprehensively and scrupulously.

As the late Kingsley Amis said: “It’s a great feeling to be perfect, and able to put everybody else right.”

– Yours, etc.,

Robin Dow

Mountpleasant Road


Goal is universal mediocrity

Sir, – Professor Lindsay Paterson hit many nails on the 
head about Scotland’s dumbed down school curriculum 
that has emerged from our “uniform political culture” and its “left-of-centre consensus”.

It’s all very well for the Conservatives to begin raising questions now, but it is too little too late.

But even Prof Paterson baulked at attacking the 
heart of the problem: the “closing the attainment gap” mantra.

If one’s goal is to equalise performance across all schools, what sort of curriculum and examination system fits the bill?

One that enables the weakest students to perform reasonably well, while preventing the strongest from exhibiting excellence.

So long as “closing the attainment gap” is the motto, universal mediocrity will be the 

To break the “uniform political culture” at Holyrood, we need to strike at the roots of the educational philosophy, not merely bend a few branches here and there. – Yours, 

Richard Lucas

Scottish Family Party

Kim Jong-un is far from mad

Sir, – Why is Kim Jong-un spending so much time, money and effort building a missile armed with a nuclear war head? Not as the media would have you believe, because he is beyond the pale, but for self-preservation.

Having come to power he would have taken a look at the world and seen what has happened to powerful leaders of sovereign countries that were browbeaten, bullied and ultimately, if still unwilling to bend to the foreign 
policy of the US and their puppet ally the UK – they were deposed by force of arms.

You only have to ask yourself, how many times has North Korea been engaged in war since the Korean War, or invaded another sovereign country?

Then ask the same question of the US and UK.

Kim Jong-un is no madman but knows by having a nuclear weapon he has made it impossible for America to threaten his position as leader of North Korea.

Trump has no sway over him now.

America can shout all it likes but in the end, it will have to pull in its horns.

Sanctions like gunboat diplomacy are long past their sell-by date in a modern world.

Some day America like the UK will have to understand the wise words of Winston Churchill: “Jaw, jaw, not war, war”. – Yours, etc.,

Walter Hamilton

(address supplied)

OK for tractor but not gay couple?

Sir, – Regarding the opening of the Queensferry Crossing last Monday, I am constantly surprised by the apparently obligatory appearance of clergy at the official opening or hanselling of a huge variety of 

In recent years clergy across the UK have ‘blessed’ bridges, tractors, fields, pets, a circus Big Top, a Great Yarmouth ale and even a Cumbrian sewage plant, but still they seem to have a problem blessing two gay people who love each other.

It seems their Lord does indeed move in mysterious ways! – Yours, etc.,

Alistair McBay

(by email)


Waverley crash report

Last week’s front page report on the Waverley’s crash into Rothesay promenade stated that the Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) was looking into the incident, which happened on Friday, August 25.
A spokesman for Waverley Excursions told The Buteman this week: “We have spoken with the MAIB and it is not their intention to undertake an investigation.”
We are happy to clarify this situation.