Wind Turbine application now lodged with council

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MUCH has been said in The Buteman’s letters page over the past year with regard to wind power – supporters and objectors alike have voiced their opinions on what they deem to be the pros and cons of renewable energy.

Ascog Farm erected a temporary meteorological wind mast on their land to measure wind speeds and strength in January of this year, and have now lodged an application for the construction of three wind turbines in the area.

The application, published on Argyll and Bute Council’s planning section of the website yesterday, detail the applicant – Adrian Tear’s – plans for the three turbines, measuring 74m from ground to blade tip, the construction of a turbine control building, formation of access road and hardstanding areas.

The proposals, ahead of the lodging of the application, have come under some criticism from island residents. Mr Tony Harrison, in the March 30 edition of The Buteman, stated: “The mast provides an opportunity to imagine how turbines might look on Ascog Hill; do we really want to see Bute’s beautiful landscapes and seascapes destroyed by this industrialisation?”

Others have supported the plans. Mr Jim Davidson, in a letter to the editor on January 20, said: “There has been some discussion about wind farms lately. While everyone has been banging on about whether they’re an eyesore, or they’re noisy, or whatever, I feel people have kind of missed the main point; that wind farms are about generating energy. Clean, ‘green’ energy.

“I feel the probable benefits outweigh any considerations about the effects of wind farms on the landscape, which is purely a matter of perception and personal opinion. We already have lines of grey steel pylons marching all across the country, but they are seldom commented upon, because they’ve always just been there.”

The planning statement, which can be viewed by the public online via the council’s website, states: “It is anticipated that the turbines would be operational by 2015. The wind energy project has a design life of 25 years.”