Trust’s safety fears over timber harvest from fallen trees

THE Mount Stuart Trust has warned members of the public of the danger in trying to harvest timber from trees blown down during January’s storms to use as firewood.

Factor Andrew Nicoll told The Buteman that while the Trust was not objecting to the harvest of small amounts of wood from fallen trees, the organisation was concerned at reports of some members of the public using chainsaws to harvest wood in larger amounts.

Mr Nicol said: “Following the storm of January 3, it will have become apparent that a great number of trees on Mount Stuart Trust land have come down.

“Windblown trees have an impact visually on landscapes and also on property, however, the main concern to Mount Stuart Trust of windblown trees is the danger posed to members of the public who attempt to utilize the trees for firewood.

“It has been noted that members of the public have been uplifting fallen timber and, in some circumstances, been using chainsaws. Windblown trees, both in the fallen and hung-up state, can present a danger to those attempting to cut up or clear the timber.

“The Mount Stuart Trust is taking all possible steps to ensure that its land, and the trees on it, are made safe as quickly as possible.

“However, it must be recognised that such a major clear-up operation, undertaken by our trained and properly equipped staff, may take many months to complete.

“Meantime, the Mount Stuart Trust recommends that members of the public keep clear of fallen timber, and do not cut or handle fallen timber, in order to avoid risk of injury.”