Trust’s boost for yachts visiting Rothesay

Rothesay's inner harbour pontoons, with the Victorian toilets in the background.
Rothesay's inner harbour pontoons, with the Victorian toilets in the background.

Work is expected to start soon on a significant improvement to the facilities available in Rothesay for visiting yachtsmen and their passengers.

The Isle of Bute Trust is on the verge of awarding a contract to carry out work which will allow secure access, overnight as well as during the day, to five showers and one WC at the world-famous Victorian toilets on the pier.

Though mooring facilities for yachts visiting Rothesay have been greatly improved since 2009, when new pontoons installed in the inner harbour were officially opened, at present people who come to the town on board a yacht have no access to public toilet or shower facilities outside the Victorian toilets’ opening hours.

The Trust’s chairman, Alisdair Johnston, said: “In discussion with Visit Bute, it became apparent that Rothesay needed better, more available, toilet and shower facilities (open 24/7).

“The solution is cheap and simple, and we will let a contract in the next week.

“Works will be undertaken to fit keypads to the doors, secure the interior of the toilet, but leave access to five showers - three male and two female - and one WC.

“Other adjustments will be to the interior lights, to make the operation of the toilets more economical. The work is expected to start in the next two weeks.

“The impact of this is that Rothesay will be a more attractive destination for yachtsmen (six thousand on average in the last three years).

“This increased footfall means more money spent here and means positive results for the island.”

The Victorian toilets, which have won numerous awards and featured in several TV programmes and countless newspaper articles over the years, are run on behalf of Argyll and Bute Council by Bute Victoriana Ltd., a community business with charitable status formed under the auspices of Bute Enterprises Ltd.