MSP welcomes CalMac’s new summer timetables

CalMac's new summer timetables were published on Tuesday.
CalMac's new summer timetables were published on Tuesday.

Argyll and Bute MSP, Michael Russell has welcomed the publication of the new CalMac summer timetables.

Mr Russell, who represents more ferry routes than any other constituency member of the Scottish Parliament, said: “There has been some considerable - and very understandable - concern regarding the late publication of this information but now it is in the public domain communities in Argyll and Bute will be pleased to have this confirmation of what will be running and when, and can now encourage bookings for the summer season.

“There are some disappointments in the timetables including the inability of CalMac to respond fully to what the Islay communities say they need.

“There have been long running requests for enhanced services at weekends but these proposals fall some measure short of what has been discussed over the past few years.

“Overall, however, the timetables - though always a compromise given the different demands of each route - reflect the continuing improvement in ferry services which has seen a major rise in spending by the Scottish Government, more frequent services and overall year on year improvements which are being enhanced by the commitments being rolled out by CalMac as part of its new contract.”

To view Bute’s new summer timetables - which were published on Tuesday - click here.