Those pesky goats!

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What do three goats, a troll, Goldilocks and a judge have in common? Not much, you might assume, but you’d be wrong - they all form the main characters of Those Pesky Goats - a free family show put on at the Moat Centre on Saturday by Bute Street Theatre.

The main hall was packed with children, young and old, all excitedly wriggling about waiting for the show to start, and when it did, it captured the imaginations of the kids, and some big kids too!

The troll, played by Phillip Toop, was a ferocious character with a heart of gold - there was little need for the ‘Aww’ sign to be held up when the children heard poor troll couldn’t read.

The troll needs a job and doesn’t manage to hold one down for very long, given his temper. A spell as a classroom assistant goes wrong when he attempts to throttle a pupil, and things go from bad to worse for the poor troll. Eventually, he is given the responsibility of guarding the invisible bridge, and it is here that he stumbles across three ‘pesky goats’.

We wouldn’t want to give away anything else in the event of any future productions, but if the children at the Moat Centre were anything to go by, Those Pesky Goats is a fantastically fun piece of family entertainment.