‘The People of Bute’ are stars of new documentary

Annie MacDougall is among the Bute residents interviewed for 'Brandanes - The People of Bute'.
Annie MacDougall is among the Bute residents interviewed for 'Brandanes - The People of Bute'.

The stories of the people of Bute - well, around 30 of them at any rate - are the subject of a brand new documentary film receiving its premiere in Rothesay this month.

Brandanes: The People of Bute, featuring a series of interviews conducted by Johnny Bute, has been put together over the last few months - and the full-length ‘community cut’, around three hours in length, will be shown for the first time at the Discovery Centre Cinema this weekend and next.

With cinematography by Michael Rea and background music by former island resident Kieran Mason, the documentary has been edited by Mel Agace, a long-time friend of the Bute family.

“The idea came from a project Mel had done about tribal elders in South Africa,” Johnny said, “filming people’s stories and finding out about their families and community backgrounds.

“It gave a real insight into the background of a particular place, and I thought something similar, all about the community of Bute, would be a great archive project.

“I know all the interviewees - I’ve known some of them for my entire life - and it was my own personal knowledge of the characters that are out there that was another motivational factor for me.

“The people of Bute are interesting. They’ve got a lot to say. They’ve got interesting memories and in many cases they’re great story tellers.”

A limited number of free tickets is available to members of the public for the second screening of the film, on Sunday, October 11, at the Discovery Centre Cinema in Rothesay. These must be booked in advance - to apply call Deborah Jackson on 020 7427 2300 or email dj@johnbute.com.

* Read the full interview with Johnny Bute and Mel Agace in the October 2 edition of The Buteman.