'That Which Remains' at Mount Stuart

Artist Lucy Skaer's sculpture in the Marble Chapel at Mount Stuart.
Artist Lucy Skaer's sculpture in the Marble Chapel at Mount Stuart.

Mount Stuart Trust will soon open 'That Which Remains', its visual arts retrospective looking back at fifteen years of contemporary art created in response to the house, grounds, collection and the Isle of Bute.

The exhibition will be across the site, from the Visitor Centre, through the grounds and into the house from Saturday, August 13. Artists featured include Nathan Coley, Christine Borland, Lee Mingwei, Kate Whiteford, Anya Gallaccio, Thomas Joshua Cooper, Lucy Skaer, and Lorna Macintyre.

In 2015, young people from the island, working with Achievement Bute were the exhibiting artists and a selection of their work will also feature in the exhibition.

Sophie Crichton Stuart said: “By bringing the artists together, fifteen years on from when the programme started, visitors will have the chance to compare each artist’s response to Mount Stuart, giving an insight to their inspirations and interests. We’re very grateful they have made this retrospective possible.”

As well as being a unique opportunity to see the work created by the 17 different artists together for the first time, the MST Learning Team would like to hear what the programme has meant to the people of Bute.

Head of Learning, Morven Gregor said, “We know that many of the artists worked with members of the wider community or gave talks for the public or in schools; we’d love to capture memories of those events. In particular, I’m curious to know if anyone reading this was inspired to take up a career in the arts because of a workshop or talk, or whether an event introduced you to a new artist or artistic practice.”

The title of the exhibition reflects not just the remains and traces of work made in the natural environment by some of the artists, but the idea that inspiration remains alive in people, who have experienced and enjoyed the work.

Morven added, “Seeing an exhibition or taking part in a workshop can be a spark that lights a fire of inspiration. For that reason, in the Learning Studio and online, we want to record and share those sparks. I’d like to invite people to pop in from August 13 and add their stories to our inspiration installation.”

Additionally, the Learning Studio will play host to a swap shop, where visitors can take a catalogue from a previous exhibition in exchange for materials that could be used for arts workshops. Swaps can be anything from knitting needles to sheets of perspex, but should be clean and usable.

The opening weekend will feature a workshop with Lorna Macintyre (Saturday, August 13), delivered in partnership with Argyll Youth Arts. Other associated events will include a workshop by Sarah Staton (Saturday, September 24) and a talk by Kate Davis at The Common Guild in Glasgow (October 27).

The exhibition closes on Sunday, October 30.

For more information, visit Mount Stuart's website.