'Thank you for the music' from Bute Island Radio

The signed photo of Frida with ABBA band member Bjorn at a recent "Mamma Mia" gala.
The signed photo of Frida with ABBA band member Bjorn at a recent "Mamma Mia" gala.

Bute Island Radio has received a royal seal of approval from a pop icon ahead of a tribute show at the community station.

Billy Clarke told The Buteman that Bute Island Radio will be presenting a musical tribute to ABBA on Wednesday, August 17, which will include some rare songs as well as their cherished hits.

Billy said: “A while back when Bill Sanger had given me thumbs up for the show I decided to contact the ABBA fan club to let them know what we had planned as I thought that someone from the fan club might tune in to give us support.

“Imagine my surprise when a few weeks later a signed photograph of Frida (the brunette) arrived with a small note acknowledging our efforts and wishing us all the best with the show here in Bute.”

Frida is now known as her Royal Princess Annifrid Lyngstad Reuss after marrying Prince Rizzo Reuss from Germany in 1992.

Billy tells us that since Prince Rizzo's death from Lymphoma in 1999 Frida never remarried, adding that the 1990s were a very sad time for her as she also lost her only daughter in a fatal car crash just a few years before.

“She has recently stated that loneliness is natural to her although she is the only star of ABBA to have welcomed a comeback,” Billy said. “Her work for charity has been well documented and one of her closest friends is our very own Duke of Rothesay, Prince Charles.

"Now that we have been granted Royal approval from our very own dancing Queen, Bute Island Radio is ready to salute ABBA with a special thank you for the music featuring Bute's answer to Benny and Bjorn - Bill Sanger and Billy Clarke.”

You can listen online at www.buteislandradio.com on Wednesday, August 17 from noon till 2pm

The show is in honour of Billy’s mother who would have been 80 on Thursday, August 18, and was and one of ABBA's biggest fans.