Surveys at St Blane’s Chapel

editorial image

There has been some activity around St Blane’s Chapel for the last fortnight – Discover Bute Landscape Partnership Scheme and associates from the Royal Commission on Ancient and Historic Monuments of Scotland (RCAHMS) have been carrying out measured surverys of the Chapel and surrounding areas in order to determine whether there would be any suitable sites for excavation.

Volunteers have been getting stuck in too – in the best of conditions, and certainly the worst of conditions – learning how to make detailed surveyed drawings of the area, identifying man-made and natural structures in the landscape

From the various drawings which have been made during the two-week survey, one final drawing will be made by RCAHMS on a scale of 1-500, detailing the wider area of St Blane’s. It is hoped that the results of this drawing will help to identify whether there may be areas of interest to Discover Bute in their Blane’s Bute Project – the aim of which is to re-examine the importance the Chapel and landscape which surrounds it may have had, as well as investigating as to whether any new can be learned from the site.

Although the two-week survey is now at a close, RCAHMS will return with a final drawing of the area, from which Project Manager Paul Duffy will evaluate is an excavation is to take place. We’ve been told that this is likely to be around May-June time.

Fingers crossed another link in Bute’s rich history will be unearthed!