Stargazing on Bute to mark solar eclipse

The night sky over Rothesay.
The night sky over Rothesay.

A partial solar eclipse is coming to the skies above Britain this month - and the Bute Astronomical Society is using the occasion to organise a series of stargazing events on the island.

The eclipse, on Friday, March 20, will attract the attention of astronomers all over the world - many of whom are expected to travel to the Faroe Islands and the Svalbard Islands in the Arctic Circle, the only places in the world where the Sun will be totally hidden, to experience the event.

Closer to home, the Bute events begin with presentations on a series of topics on Monday, March 9, looking at the skies over Bute, astrophotography and the March eclipse in more detail.

Then, on the night of Saturday, March 14, there’s an evening of skywatching and UFO-spotting at Scalpsie Bay.

That will be followed on Monday, March 16 by Bute’s UFO Night, and then, on Friday, March 20, the day of the eclipse, an open-air gathering at the Esplanade putting green in Rothesay, using a special solar telescope to take a closer look at the event.

The two Monday evening events take place at St Paul’s Church Hall in Rothesay’s Deanhood Place at 7.30pm. For the Scalpsie Bay event, if you’re interested in taking part you can gather at St Paul’s Church Hall at 7.30pm before travelling out to Scalpsie to watch the skies - which, hopefully, will be clear on the night!

The open-air gathering on the day of the eclipse takes place at 8.15am; the eclipse starts at around 8.30am and should end by approximately 10am.