SNP claim council administration has resorted to ‘jobs for the boys’

There appears to be a degree of unrest at council headquarters in Lochgilphead.
There appears to be a degree of unrest at council headquarters in Lochgilphead.
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Argyll and Bute Council’s SNP group have made claims that the new council administration has broken its agenda-for-change promise.

In a press release sent on Wednesday afternoon, the SNP group states that Alliance for Change and Argyll First, who form part of the ruling administration, have failed on their commitment to look for skills and talent within the council, resorting instead to a ‘jobs for boys’ culture.

SNP Leader Sandy Taylor said: “Proposed appointments in the ‘new’ administration do not reflect the change promised by the Alliance for Change and Argyll First.

“Agreements to fill senior positions on merit and ability seem to have been abandoned.

“There is a danger that some of these appointments look like jobs for the boys and girls rather than bringing to the fore the excellent talent across the chamber.

“The new administration has missed an opportunity with its first task. We need strong councillors to fill positions, and with talented administration councillors being sidelined the leadership has missed an opportunity to deliver the change we were all promised.

“Cllr Walsh, I hope, can still plot a clear course through the difficult times ahead by putting our communities first.

“The SNP-led administration successfully attracted more than £70million worth of new investment into Argyll and Bute and found over £10 million of efficiency savings without service cuts, during our 17 months in office.

“We will be there to assist our council’s journey to success and will be on hand to challenge any policies that are detrimental to the interests of our communities.”