Scouting to return to Bute?

There are hopes to revive Cubs, Beavers and Scouts on Bute.
There are hopes to revive Cubs, Beavers and Scouts on Bute.

Greenock and District Scouts is very keen to relaunch Beavers, Cubs and Scouts on Bute for boys and girls aged six to 18 after a few years’ break.

Scouting offers a fantastic opportunity for young people to get involved in adventures in their community and elsewhere. Right from their first days as a Beaver Scout, boys and girls start learning new skills and growing in confidence.

Later on being a member of the Scouting organisation can be a real help when it comes to standing out from the crowd when applying for jobs or places at university.

Plus, more to the point, it’s great fun!

In order to get Scouting underway again on Bute, a few adult volunteers are needed to help out and the Greenock and District Scouts team is keen to hear from anyone who’d like to get involved.

District Commissioner Peter Bennett said: “This summer a group of Explorer Scouts from Greenock and District spent some time volunteering at the Bute Highland Games.

“We are really keen to see Scouting back up and running on the Isle of Bute and have everything needed to get going. All we need are some willing volunteers and some enthusiastic young people.”

There’s plenty of support and free training on offer from both the district team and the national team so adult leaders aren’t left on their own.

What the Greenock and District Scouts have said is needed to bring Scouting back to the island is a team of keen volunteers with a little time given. Full training and support will be provided.

Please contact District Commissioner, Peter Bennett, by emailing if you’re interested in volunteering your services, or simply wish to learn more.

For further information on the work of the Scouts visit their website.