Scotland’s budget: what’s in it for Argyll and Bute?

Details of the Scottish Government's latest spending plans were unveiled on Thursday.
Details of the Scottish Government's latest spending plans were unveiled on Thursday.

The Scottish Government has promised more cash for housing, schools and health services in Argyll and Bute as part of the spending plans unveiled by finance minister John Swinney on Thursday.

Argyll and Bute will receive “a share of the £10.8 billion local government allocation”, as well as £7.24 million to boost its housing stock and investment in new schools in Oban, Campbeltown and Kirn.

Mr Swinney said: “We want to build a Scotland which shares its wealth with every one of its people, which is why this budget takes action to prioritise policies that help hard working families, protect the vulnerable and grow our economy.

“It’s crucial that we develop our health service and meet the changing demands of people living in Argyll and Bute, which is why we are also protecting the budget for the NHS.

“We have increased our spend on health and social care in NHS Highland, and are developing top-class services for people through, for example, investment in NHS Highland’s redesign of mental health facilities in Argyll and Bute. By increasing our spend in 2015/16 we will maintain estates and replace equipment in the NHS Highland area.

“We have already delivered more than 21,000 affordable homes in Scotland. This £7.24 million boost to affordable housing in Argyll and Bute will help even more people get their foot on the housing ladder.

“Westminster cuts to our spending make conditions very challenging for Scotland and we are doing everything possible to tackle these effects on some of the lowest paid people in our communities.

“Despite these pressures we are protecting Argyll and Bute’s budget and continuing to invest in the area. We have maintained levels of local government funding and allocated extra money for new responsibilities including our pre-school nursery care for children.

“These moves will help parents get back into work and give children a better start in life. This budget delivers a fair deal for the people of Argyll and Bute.”