Sandy’s day at Buckingham Palace

Sandy Gibson meets the Duke of Rothesay at the Prince's Trust Garden Party in Buckingham Palace.
Sandy Gibson meets the Duke of Rothesay at the Prince's Trust Garden Party in Buckingham Palace.

Local woman, Sandy Gibson, met the Duke of Rothesay at the Prince’s Trust 40th anniversary garden party last week.

Sandy was accompanying her son, Harrison, to the charity’s star-studded celebrations at Buckingham Palace on Tuesday, May 17, which were being held in celebration of the Prince’s Trust’s 40 years supporting young people aged 13-30 across the UK.

Harrison was the winner of the Prince’s Trust Samsung Young Achiever Award in November 2015 and he is also a Young Ambassador for the charity.

Sandy told us: “I’m super proud of him, he’s come such a long way. Being an ambassador he goes to different programmes where he meets other kids and he stands up and talks about his experiences. He wouldn’t have been able to do that a couple of years ago.”

Speaking of the garden party celebrations, Sandy was most impressed with the Duke of Rothesay himself. She said: “I actually forgot to tell him I lived in Rothesay - I did tell him I was from Canada, but I was a bit starstruck, I think!

“I thanked him for all he’s done for kids, including mine, and we spoke for about ten minutes and he never let go of my hand.

“I found him very sincere throughout the whole conversation. I watched him walk up and talk to a lot of the kids there, the crowds parted and he stopped and spoke to every single one of them. I know he does this all the time, but it was his sincerity that struck me. Overwhelming would be a good word to sum it up.”

Another overwhelming moment for Sandy came when she bumped into a very familiar face in the grounds of Buckingham Palace.

“Meeting Prince Chales was something, but my highlight was meeting Brian May! He’s a celebrity ambassador for the Prince’s Trust and he was telling me about him and the band doing charity gigs for them back when it started 40 years ago.

“I told him about why I was there, for my son, and he said he’d love to meet him, so I was able to say, ‘Harrison, Brian May wants to talk to you!’”

The day at Buckingham Palace was a very memorable day for both mother and son, and was one which Sandy says she’ll never forget.