Rothesay town centre roads set for 20mph limit?

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Built-up areas limiting cars to 20mph are becoming a more common sight across the UK, including across Edinburgh and with West Dunbartonshire voting to implement it last month.

And the scheme may soon come to Rothesay, with Argyll and Bute Council being advised by its roads department on April 4 that it would make the streets safer for pedestrians.

It was backed by a public consultation, where 10 out of 13 respondents supported the implementation.

Former councillor Isobel Strong is in favour of the idea, saying: “There is a national 20mph campaign and they have convincing evidence that a 20mph limit saves the lives of and prevents serious injuries to children.

“Another point is that when there are build ups of traffic, which can happen even in Rothesay, for example at the beginning and end of the school day, it is nigh impossible to go faster than 20 mph,” she said.

She also argued that the proposal should go further, and the new limit should apply to Victoria Street as well.

Traders on Victoria Street and Montague Street had their say on the issue, with Karen Kelly of the Electric Bakery telling The Buteman: “I think it would be a great thing so long as they enforce it. There’s no need to rush around in a place like this, but even on Montague Street, which is very narrow, a lot of cars are doing more than 20.”

Angie Phillips of the Black Bull agreed, saying: “I think it would be a good thing altogether. On Victoria Street especially it would make it safer for people arriving off the ferries and crossing the main road into town.”

Some residents thought that the lack of parking space in the town was a more pressing issue, and questioned whether a new limit was necessary.

Sam Tweedlie of Picture Bute said: “I don’t think we need it, most of the drivers around here are sensible anyway. It wouldn’t be worth the money, it’s excessive bureaucracy as usual.”

And Niki Sayers at the Card Shop on Victoria Street said: “People don’t travel that fast anyway generally, with the traffic lights and people walking along the front.”