Rothesay’s Victorian Toilets upgrade complete

The ornate interior of Rothesay's famous Victorian toilets.
The ornate interior of Rothesay's famous Victorian toilets.

The upgrade to the Victorian Toilets on Rothesay Pier has been completed.

The work included fitting of pushbutton locks to exterior doors, new locks to interior doors, person sensors to interior lights (to make the lighting more economical) and the provision of sets of keys to Bute Berthing Company to allow yachtsmen access to the WC 24/7.

Isle of Bute Trust Chairman, Alisdair Johnston, said “This is a small, but important, step in making Rothesay more attractive to visiting boaters. As a sailor myself, I know the importance of good, 24/7 accessible showers and toilets. Now Rothesay has them.

“I’d like to thank the Trustees and staff of Victoriana (who operate the Victorian Toilets) for their cooperation, our donors for funding us and local tradesmen David Rutherford (Joinery) and Stevie Cameron (Electrical) for doing the work in very quick time.

“Our next project will be the ambulance exchange shelter on the pier. At the moment, we are awaiting approval for a lease of the site from Argyll and Bute Council. We’ll be back in touch with more information when we have it.

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