Rothesay pharmacy can offer more

The Lloyds pharmacy branch on Victoria Street.
The Lloyds pharmacy branch on Victoria Street.

One of Bute’s district councillors has been reassured by the island’s pharmacists after a temporary supply issue, and been made aware of other services they can provide.

Jean Moffat had written to senior staff at Lloyds, after she heard from members of the public who had been left waiting longer than expected for prescriptions.

She learned in conversations with Lloyds staff that a supplier issue had been the problem.

Councillor Moffat said: “Within four days I had a written response from the Chief Executive Officer and an emailed response from a senior Scottish staff member.

“The pharmacist in Rothesay plus the senior staff member met with me for a good couple of hours.

“They also told me that they would be interested in bringing the extra services they offer to the awareness of the Rothesay population.”

Lynn McCluskey, pharmacist manager at the Lloyds’ branch on Victoria Street and who previously worked at the Montague Street pharmacy, outlined many of the services available that people might not be aware of.

For example, the pharmacy’s services like screening procedures for people at risk of type 2 diabetes and blood pressure testing had been useful for a number of people who attended the pharmacy.

Lynn also said the Betterlife service might be useful for some of the island’s residents, specialising in selling equipment to help people live more independent lives.

She told the Buteman: “We often get people saying ‘I always thought you were just a pharmacy’, they don’t realise what else we can offer.

“We can provide people who perhaps have reduced mobility or conditions like Parkinson’s Disease with products that can make life a bit easier for them, like adjustable beds or mobility scooters.

“If anyone felt they could do with some assistance we would be happy to speak with them and help them choose what equipment might work for them, and then help when it comes to delivery options as well.”

Lloyds can also provide counselling and products for people trying to quit smoking, and the Minor Ailment Service allows people with problems like cuts, grazes and other minor illnesses to register and access treatment.

The Minor Ailment Service is available to people under the age of 16, over the age of 60 and others with certain medical exemption certificates and benefits.