Rothesay Christmas lights faulty ‘because they’re left up all year’

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THE fault which has kept Rothesay’s Christmas lights dark for several days has been blamed on the fact that the display in Guildford Square is left up all year round.

The lights – which were bought last year with the specific intention that they be left up all year, to save on the cost of erection and removal - were only switched on last Wednesday, but have been dark since the weekend.

Argyll and Bute Council, which is responsible for the display, had hoped to start work on repairing the lights today (Tuesday), but the suspension of Rothesay’s ferry service due to bad weather has put the repairs on hold.

A spokesperson for the council said on Tuesday: “Unfortunately, the festive lighting in Rothesay has failed, largely due to the fact that it was left in position all year.

“We have addressed this situation with the supplier and have also ordered replacement materials.

“We were due to attend today in an attempt to get some of the lighting operational, but due to the adverse weather we have had to postpone that.

“We will be on site to arrange repair/replacement as soon as we receive the materials and as soon as the weather permits.”

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